The Colorado Eye Center (CEC) story begins with Dr. Jack May in 1963. He and his colleague, John Faulker, established the Center with one overarching goal: transform the way eye care is seen and approached in Colorado and beyond.
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Both doctors specialized not only in general optometry but also (and most importantly) in patient care. From the office they shared, they made sure to operate with “patient, first” mentality being at the forefront of their efforts.

This was the case in 1963. And that legacy of care continues today.


Offices Across Colorado


Specialized Doctors


Years of Expertise

The legacy continues: eye care that goes the extra mile…

It didn’t take long for the practice to make an impact in the community, with patients from different regions of Colorado paying a visit to the doctors of CEC.

As the need for eye care and ocular solutions increased, CEC met that need by expanding throughout Colorado, recruiting doctors and surgeons whose approach to eye care matched that of the practice.

Today, Colorado Eye Center has 13 specialized doctors and seven facilities.

Our practice continues to advance forward, not only keeping up with the standard, but innovating past the ‘expected’ to discover the unimaginable.