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Vision Therapy

Working to improve lifelong visual function.

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What is Vision Therapy and How Does It Work?

Vision therapy is a set of personalized exercises developed by an Optometric professional that teach you to process visual information accurately and comfortably. 

Visual function training is possible thanks to the neuroplasticity of the brain. The brain can essentially be retrained to improve brain-eye communication with practice and repetition. Exercises strengthen the visual system for improved function, not unlike physical therapy or occupational therapy exercises strengthen other muscles.

The first step of vision therapy is to have a licensed optometrist at Colorado Eye Center evaluate how your eyes, brain, and body work together currently in order to develop a therapy plan that will correct the visual system. These activities vary depending on your specific needs. 

The Benefits of Vision Therapy

Vision Therapy Could Help These Conditions

Patients with the following conditions could benefit from vision rehabilitation:

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